CPG Launch Leaders

Dive into the real innovation stories behind the products you see every day. Forget the polished pitches and scripted success stories. In CPG Launch Leaders, you'll hear directly from passionate leaders who have weathered challenges and celebrated triumphs, bringing their visions to life on both physical and digital shelves.

Join hosts Darcy Ramler and Allan Peretz every other Tuesday for authentic conversations, insightful lessons, and a genuine look at what it takes to make it in the world of innovation. CPG Launch Leaders offers more than just a listen; it provides a real connection to the people and stories shaping the products we love.

Hear launch stories that remind CPG leaders to keep innovating, stay inspired, and continue to redefine the world of innovation.


Meet the hosts


Darcy Ramler

Darcy is the CEO and President of Bold Strategies. With over 15 years of experience in client management and business development, she knows what it takes to help brands overcome challenges and exceed their goals. As a CPG Launch Leaders co-host, Darcy reinforces that “it’s not just about the final product that consumers see on the shelves; it’s about the passion, dedication, and the thousands of decisions that go into bringing that product to life.”


Allan Peretz

Allan is an Executive Chairman at Bold Strategies. He is an industry trailblazer who learned his craft by launching over 80 products across the globe and leading eCommerce strategy for a range of brands, including Gillette, Old Spice, Samsung, and SK-II. As a CPG Launch Leaders co-host, Allan believes that “nothing important happens unless someone’s willing to take a risk.”

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